Equi-Net 's Code of Conduct

Equi-Net chat is not a pre-moderated forum. Our policy is to keep intervention to a minimum and let the conversation flow. That said, we're also here to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time on Equi-Net, so where necessary, we will use our discretion to delete posts (or ban posters) if it seems to us that doing so is in keeping with this aim. 

We do have a few forum rules to make sure we keep chat a good place to hang out:

  • No personal attacks

  • No posts that break the law, including hate speech of any kind

  • No trolling, misleading or deliberately inflammatory behaviour

  • No trollhunting

  • No spamming

You can report any of the above to us using the report button above each post.

Remember, we do not pre-moderate posts. We rely on our members to let us know about any posts that break our Guidelines.